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 Fans chose a name for the team

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PostSubyek: Fans chose a name for the team   Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:27 pm

Fans chose a name for the team in an online poll held between March 27 and March 31, 2008. The initial list of possibilities - Seattle FC, Seattle Republic and Seattle Alliance deliberately did not include Seattle Sounders in order to provide a "fresh start." Despite the names having been selected through fan research and internal committees, the omission of the traditional Sounders name embittered many in the Seattle community.[21][22] In response to the backlash, the team added a fourth "write-in" option for the team name, allowing for any name to be suggested on the ballot.[23] Of the over 14,500 votes received for the new team name, 49% of the votes included some form of the name Sounders.[24] Upon announcing the name, Hanauer acknowledged the significance of keeping with tradition: "The team playing at the highest level in our region has always been called Sounders. Starting with the NASL and then the USL 1st Division, we now have the chance to create a separate and distinct identity with the new MLS team."[25]

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Fans chose a name for the team
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