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 Lady Gaga Gets Jazzy, Goes Braless In New VMA Promo

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PostSubyek: Lady Gaga Gets Jazzy, Goes Braless In New VMA Promo   Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:01 pm

Last year was the meat dress. The year before, she bled to death. So the minute we heard that Lady Gaga herself was performing at 2011's VMAs, we got on the horn to our bookies, started taking odds, and placed bets on what her Gaga-ness will wear. According the her hot-off-the-presses VMA promos, we might be betting on nothing, literally, as Gaga strips down to her bare essentials while singing a jazz rendition of "Yo And I."

Gone is the Versace kaleidoscope of colors we've seen of late, replaced by a Gaga who invokes smoke-filled cafes and a poet behind the piano by setting things in black-and-white, looking like a classic dame who just wants to rid herself of her bra. Even though she has mod/modern angles and contrast galore, she nods to the classicism of a chick with a piano and an upright bass with waist-length string of pearls...which is one of the few things remaining when Gaga stops.

Watch Lady Gaga's 2011 VMA: First Look promo videos, and don't miss "MTV First: Lady Gaga," an exclusive live Q&A on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 7:49 p.m. ET. to watch Gaga discuss her "Yo And I" video, her upcoming VMA performance, and make a special VMA announcement. Now for a quick rundown of the trends seen in this sneak peek.
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Lady Gaga Gets Jazzy, Goes Braless In New VMA Promo
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