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 Berlin’s citizens, however

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PostSubyek: Berlin’s citizens, however   Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:39 am

Berlin’s citizens, however, wanted their own symbol and coat of arms. How or why they chose the bear remains unknown. Most likely they were thinking of Albrecht I, nicknamed "the bear", who is considered to have been the conqueror and founder of the Margraviate of Brandenburg. Another possibility is that Berliners decided on "speaking" arms since the first syllable of Berlin sounds like "Bär" (bear), although the two are not etymologically related. In medieval times "speaking" or canting arms were a favorite; people tried to depict names by use of phonetically similar symbols or rebuses. The name "Berlin" was created when slavic tribes settled in the area and means "place at the swamp" or "in a swampy area".[citation needed] Actually, a pearl may have been a more likely choice for canting arms given that the Middle High German word for pearl is "berle".[citation needed] Middle High German was the language spoken at the time and, indeed, pearls were often used in coats of arms

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Berlin’s citizens, however
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